video production
Logo design for MEDITRAQ in Holland.

Graphics at AXICO

In some cases we have designed for PowerPoint templates or Video graphics and these have been developed into full corporate styles for brochures and web sites (Reebok). For other clients we have actually designed their logo and corporate ID and the provision of other services has stemmed from there (Accessplanit). At the same time we have been able to provide graphics in accordance with already established corporate guidelines, where required (Unilever, National Trust, ASICS)

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Example graphics for accessplanit exhibition panels.

SDS use this button
on their presentations, web site and stationary.

Sustainable Design Services

See also: example graphic
pdf booklet Course Manager.

AXICO have produced graphics for exhibition panels, DVD menus & covers,
brochures, pdf's, presentations, web sites, video and even for
product labels and packaging.
web design video production